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Monday, October 18, 2010


Alfred "Davey" David
Lynda "Tuck" MacIntosh has been hard at work mining the Camp Stephens archives. She's found a number of old photos and documents of camp legend "Davey". 
I've put together a slideshow of what Lynda unearthed. Music is A Song For You by Ryan Adams and Emmylou Harris. There are old letters and newspaper articles, too. They'll be posted here as time permits. Everything will be available for download.

Tuesday, October 12, 2010

Paddles are good for lots of things

Here’s a faded photo of my two-week group (taken by Jon Cowtan) from ’74 with Ted Spear as tripper.

I'm the big boy, big hair in the middle. My hair’s shorter now, but I still have it.

The photo set up was my making. A guy named Cam (Armstrong or Baldwin?) to my left – he had a drivers licence!

Gary Henning is kneeling beside Ted. I’m ashamed to say I can’t recall the other two, but it was a fabulous trip. Hot and sunny the whole trip, but forest fires and a dry creek forced a re-route along the way.

I was invited on the six week that year (Louis Miller and Dave McGregor were on that one) but financial restrictions at home put the kibosh on it. A regret, but I’ll get over it someday.

Ted (lower right) had his 18th birthday on a smoky day when we were officially lost.
Greg Gillis~Winnipeg

Update: From Ted Spear: "The guy on the right is Cam Baldwin (I think). I have gapped on all the others. (The mind is a very disappointing thing!)."