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Monday, February 10, 2014

UPDATED: Mystery camp blankets

We're trying to trace the origins of these two blankets.

They were each were hand made by the Mother's Y Club in 1934 in Winnipeg and somehow made their way out to Camp Stephens a number of years ago.

We think Davey, the old cook, brought them out. Maybe.

We think they may have been given to him as thanks for the work he did during the winter at the downtown Y. Maybe.

Grants Platts brought them back from camp several years ago. They are stored in his basement.

There's one name on one of the quilts that may look familiar. Mrs. Tallin. Yup. Same family.

I'll update and correct this post when I get more information.


From: Bill Owen 

When I was a member of the Boys’ Dept. in Winnipeg I recall a group of Y mothers who were quite visible and I do recall their hosting several father and son bean dinners at the 'Y' as well as giving leadership to the Saturday morning hot dog services.

I vaguely recall the blanket in question being created in a sort of sewing bee and eventually presented to Davey, who they were close to, and, when I was a “cookie” and later assistant chef to Davey I recall seeing that blanket in question on his bed in the cabin which he occupied all the years next to the “cookies” cabin.

After Davey's departure believe Al Wilde may have inherited it—quite a history. I am amazed that it has resurfaced after so many years.

As an 8 year old I always looked forward to seeing Davey doing his caretaker/janitor work in the Boys’ dept. and observing the rapport between Davey and the “Y” Mothers.

- Bruce
Cathy Jackson and Grant Platts
Cathy Jackson and Grant Platts