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Sunday, November 17, 2013

When you're 17. . .

Doug Abra introduces Punch Jackson at the 50th trail anniversary banquet at Camp Stephens on Aug. 31.

Grant Platts presents paintings by Susan Mitchell to Punch and Lynda MacIntosh. 

Video by Don Thompson. Unfortunately, Don's camera ran out of memory, which explains the abrupt ending.

If anyone else took video that weekend, please contact me.

Saturday, November 16, 2013

Refinished floor in lodge - No shoes!

A few days after the 50th trail reunion last Labour Day weekend the floor in Lount Lodge was sanded and refinished.

Camp Director Steve Allen shares these photos to show what it looked like before camp closed for the winter.

Steve says a large number of diseased Balsam Firs were taken down on the island as well. These pines trees have a nasty habit of essentially rotting in the inside and can come down in a wind.

Steve adds there's a plan to begin to reforest the island much like what was done over two summers in the late 1970s when we planted the Red Pines along the cabin line and in front of Sussex Hill. 

Plans are also in to the works to redo the foundation of the depot/workshop building and getting a start of replacing aging equipment in the dining hall kitchen.