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Sunday, November 2, 2014

Knowing the spirit

I have been reading the many messages sent by friends of Brent Cuthbertson over the past several days. 

They have touched me deeply.

Brent was one of those fortunate enough to have come after “the “Studholme Era” at Stephens. 

Regardless, I came to know of his exploits and contributions to camp from many sources. 

‘Chase,’ as he came to be dubbed, had all the special qualities that we have all come to recognise as the hallmarks of a true member of the ‘tribe:’……energy and dedication to the campers under his wing, loyalty to his fellow staff, skillful in the arts required of the job and above all, an understanding of the spirit with which Camp Stephens is endowed, that all of us have worth that should be acknowledged, respected and fostered.  

In my day we called it I’M THIRD.

We once had a special ‘society’ at camp called ‘Order of the Falcon’ that recognised those qualities and honoured the holder. I nominate Chase for Order of the Falcon, and if I may, I would add one other name to that group who passed away Gord May.

Two guys who have made us all proud to be part of Stephens.

There are probably others who should also be so recognised. Perhaps time we gave the Order a posthumous revival in their honour.  

Hal Studholme
CS 1960-65