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Friday, December 24, 2010

Alfred David's War

Alfred David is a legend at Camp Stephens.

He was camp cook for about 40 years. He died April 10, 1962 in Winnipeg after spending his last summer at camp.

He is buried at Brookside Cemetery in Winnipeg.

What's little known is that when he started working at camp in the early 1920s, and for the downtown YMCA during the winter, he was a veteran of the First World War. He served with the Princess Patricia's Canadian Light Infantry.

When the war started, David was not a young man. He was 30 when he enlisted Dec. 29, 1914 in Winnipeg.

Alfred David
David was was a soldier on the Western Front and was involved in the second battle of Ypres in the spring of 1915. 

That battle is known for the first use of poison gas in warfare. (Click on the highlighted words to read more about the battle).
David was captured by the Germans and was a prisoner of war until the war ended in the fall of 1918.

David's complete war records are  here.

Page from the regimental diary on day David was listed as missing.
They were supplied to me by Library and Archives Canada. These records belong to the Government of Canada and are stored in Ottawa. Included are his health records, pay records and his will, something every soldier prepared.

I thank Don Cochrane for helping me.

You can read earlier blog posts about David here and here.

"At the going down of the sun and in the morning we will remember them."


  1. The regimental diary for the day shows that Davey was one of many captured after a particularly bloody day at Ypres.

  2. thanks for the reminder Bruce.. i knew of Davey only through stories as a camper and a staff..
    the first link (second battle of Ypres) lands you on a general VA Page
    the second link (known for the first use of poison gas) takes you to the second battle of Ypres..