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Thursday, October 13, 2011

When Craig Lodge became the Thomas Sill Dining Hall and More

I've uploaded more photos. Some new. Some old. Some I'm not too sure why they were taken. 

What you see here on these old contact sheets -- I do not have the photos -- is what camp looked like in the late 1970s before the lodge was built. 

What you see here is what the old rec hall looked like inside, the Davey, and the interior of B4 (first shot), a staff cabin that was between the Wellness Centre and the Director's Cabin. Also shown is the interior of Sussex, which has also been replaced.

The last few photos are of High-Rise #1. Why someone felt compelled to shoot the inside of it, God only knows.

Also in this batch are a number of photos of the dining hall (click) when it was fixed up to deal with the asbestos on the ceiling and to hide the ugly blue sheet metal siding.

All photos I've uploaded are here.  If you see someone you know, ID them or leave a comment. You can also click on "slideshow" just to watch.

And if you crave more, there are more than 770 photos of camp old and new here. Enjoy.

Postcript: Mystery Solved--Alumni Grant Platts says the contact sheet pictures look like the ones that he and Burton Boryen (Tutt) took to accompany the Operations Manual that they wrote sometime in the mid-70’s (hence the riveting shots of the power pole, sinks, tractor, etc.).

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