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Wednesday, May 2, 2012

New roof on Lount Lodge

A new season at Camp Stephen's brings with it some big changes.

Lount Lodge, built in 1980-81, has got a new metal roof, thanks to Graham Lount.

Graham Lount: Lount Lodge rededication Aug. 24, 2012

The old cedar shake roof looked good, but for several reasons-pine needles being one of them-it just didn't hold up to the elements. The old shakes were removed in the late fall and the new roof has been put on over the past couple of weeks.

The background story about the roof is posted here: Lount Lodge reborn

The new roof is just one part of the upgrade of the log lodge. Over the next few months the exterior walls will be refinished to bring back the golden glow of the red pines we cut down on McPherson Island in the spring of 1980.

Also, Tara Law recently gave me some old photos of the lodge's construction I'd never seen:

From left to right; Burton Boryen, me, Mike King, Mitch Campbell and Marty Katz. We're moving logs around the site by hand, using log peavies.

 More are posted here:  The Lodge Half Done

- Bruce


  1. Looks great, thanks for posting this, Bruce. Glad to know that incredible building is being maintained. Was Burton involved in putting on the new roof?

  2. Scott: Burton was not involved. It was a private company who did the work.

  3. Curiously, the one on the left side of the first picture looks like a Chinese roof. :P Good choice of roof, by the way. Metal roofs are known for their resistant to fire, mildew, insects, and rot. These are also easy to install. Well, I can see how beautiful your Lount Lodge has turned into. Congratulations, Bruce!

    Santo Caridine

  4. That is, quite literally, a green roof! Hehe! The Lount Lodge definitely deserves a new roof like that. The cedar roof, which is its original roof, would not have been able to last much longer, given its old age and the harsh weather that occasionally visits the area. It’s actually quite surprising that the cedar roof lasted that long! A salute to the former roof for serving long and true! :)

    [Brendan Gertner]

  5. This comment has been removed by the author.

  6. I agree with Brendan, the cedar roof is just one of those kinds that can stand through the test of time. Now, with that sturdy green metal roof, there is no doubt that it will stand further for more years, and will definitely serve its purpose. :) - Nelson Mcglaughlin

  7. It was a brilliant decision to go for metal roofs for the roofing of Lount Lodge. I’m sure that metal roof will last for many years given the sturdy nature of the material. I particularly like how that green color brings a refreshing atmosphere to the lodge. It’s definitely better that way. Great job!

    -Mary Martin

  8. Whoa!!! Seeing the gradual Lount Lounge roof installation is really mesmerizing because it clearly shows how roofs can immensely transform and improve a lodge’s exterior. Those green metal roofs gave the structure a highly sophisticated look that can quickly grab everyone’s attention.

    Allyson Duguay

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