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Thursday, September 20, 2012

Old-time camp

10-23-2011 2_23_06 PM810-23-2011 2_23_06 PM910-23-2011 2_23_06 PM1010-23-2011 2_23_06 PM1110-23-2011 2_23_06 PM1210-23-2011 2_23_06 PM13
10-23-2011 2_23_06 PM1410-23-2011 2_23_06 PM1510-23-2011 2_23_06 PM1610-23-2011 2_23_06 PM1710-23-2011 2_23_06 PM1810-23-2011 2_23_06 PM19
10-23-2011 2_23_06 PM2010-23-2011 2_23_06 PM2110-23-2011 2_23_06 PM2210-23-2011 2_47_06 PM110-23-2011 2_47_06 PM210-23-2011 2_47_06 PM3
10-23-2011 2_47_06 PM410-23-2011 2_47_06 PM510-23-2011 2_47_06 PM610-23-2011 2_47_06 PM710-23-2011 2_47_06 PM810-23-2011 2_47_06 PM9
Old-time camp, a set on Flickr.
Most of these were taken in the 1920s.

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