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Monday, September 2, 2013

So here's to you. . .

Ted Spear

So here's to you my ramblin' boy

May all your rambling bring you joy

So here's to you my ramblin' boy

May all your rambling bring you joy.

-- A Tom Paxton song sung by Ted Spear

This was just one of many special moments for me this past weekend at camp. 

There were others. Learning the truth about the canoe that hangs in Lount Lodge. A walk with an old friend to Chief's Point. The   rekindled memories. Watching people reconnect. Seeing all the little kids and their parents chasing after them. Garrett's video at banquet. The camp song after brunch the next day. Polar Bear. My list goes on.

Most of all I enjoyed the mix of young and old. Age and the years between didn't separate us. Nor should it.

Thanks for coming. Thanks for being there. 

Thanks to Camp Stephens for being such wonderful hosts. You nailed it guys.

Thanks to Tuck and Punch.

And Susan for her paintings.

Thanks to everyone who showed up at meetings over the past couple of years at the ANAF and the legislative building's boardroom. You guys nailed it, too.

Thanks to Grant, the glue that holds it all together.

The next event we can participate in happens Oct. 6 at the West End Cultural Centre in Winnipeg.

Of everything, it's the most important, and the reason we started this thing in the first place. See you soon.

-- Bruce

1 comment:

  1. I thought it was incredible of Ted Spear and Kelly Picken and other educators to come and stay at camp a few days before the new school year. Your presence added greatly to the celebration. Thank you!