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Sunday, March 20, 2016

How the "Big Camp" celebrated its 28th anniversary - July 31, 1927

From the August 6, 1927 edition of the Manitoba Free Press:

"Sunday was the big day of the entire camp when the second anniversary of the outdoor chapel and the twenty-eighth season of the camp was observed.

"Rev. Dr. C. W. Gordon was in charge of the service, and spoke on each individual's responsibility for rendering service."

This chapel service would have been held at its current site above Emblem Rock.

The original site of chapel was located just down the path from the log cabin towards Raspberry Rock (Click on the hyper-link to read about the history of chapel).

The old site is now kind of marshy and overgrown, but somewhere in the bush, not that far off the path, should be the remains of the original cairn. 

To read the 1927 Free Press story, click on the page:

 28thanniversay-big camp


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