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Wednesday, August 25, 2010

New cabins at Camp Stephens (updated Sept. 14)

Here are a couple of recent photos of  a new cabin built this summer at Camp Stephens. They were taken by Ana Rancourt. "They are built here and there in between the old cabin and they face the lake," Ana says.

During this year's work weekend a group of us insulated the walls of the four new cabins and began putting up the plywood interior. Additional work includes exterior railings and steps. Once the cabins are OK'd for kids the worst of the older cabins will be torn down.

Discussions continue on what to name the new cabins. There are a couple of old cabin names that may bite the dust, like Wigwam. Names like this reflect a different time at camp when aboriginal folklore, as seen by the white man, was central to camp programming.

Also, the cabin renewal fundraising campaign still continues. The goal is for of one or more of the new cabins to be sponsored by alumni. More information will be supplied soon.

For a little history on the cabin line, check out this earlier post If I Designed Mudjikiwi.

Here are a couple of other photos Ron Tomasson and I took of the new cabins during work weekend.

Other work included repainting the dining hall floor and installing flooring in the camp office in  Lount Lodge.


  1. shheeeer luxxury...

    why when i was a camper all we had wuz a 'ole in the lake.. we coulnt hear the bell for polar bell swim as we 'ad water in our ears, we did

  2. @wetspots. Not yet, but it"s likely they will have new names and some old cabins names will disappear.

  3. Looks fantastic! Wondering if spray-foam insulation was considered as it eliminates the need for vapour barrier and would be more resistant to rodent infiltration and never settles.

    Hopefully sending my 9 year old girl to Camp for the first time next year from Toronto.

  4. Spray Foam Roofing Systems provide many benefits to building owners. The two most important benefits is the value of the seal / leak prevention and insulation.

  5. I wish that they sold specific foam insulation in Toronto for different types of cabins.