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Wednesday, September 7, 2011

Cabin dedication & six week return

What a fantastic day, one of those special warm, calm, sunny days on Copeland Island that late August occasionally offers.
It was probably one of the largest throngs of  greeters ever welcomed the intrepid six week trips home on Saturday, Aug. 27. They all looked great (the girls, of course, better than the boys) despite some long weeks of
paddling and portaging.
Their “ceremonial” presentations were a mixture of story-telling, drama and song all wrapped up in great comedy. There were many laughs and much clapping in appreciation.
The day also included the dedication of four more new cabins sponsored by the Paterson family in
honour of Bob, the Steiman family, who chose to retain the St. Julien’s cabin name, The Wright and Wolfe families who kept Manitou in the fold, and the Fraser family who continued to honour Dave’s.
Parents, relatives, future and former campers, camp staff, long time past alumni and senior Y staff made up the assembly.
Not to be outdone, the camp kitchen staff laid out a great buffet to wrap things up neatly.
- Hal Studholme

Kate Paterson and Cathy McRae; Dave Young in back

Jo Wright

Dave & Doug Fraser

Curtis Steiman & son

Old guys from ‘60s staff, Punch Jackson, Doug Abra, Don Thompson, Hal Studholme. 

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