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Thursday, November 17, 2011

Camp Stephens 50th Trail Anniversary in 2013

There was an attempt to have a 40th anniversary in 2003, but it fell apart because organizers couldn't connect with all you faded paddlers. 
If you want to be involved or kept up to date, please join Camp Stephens 50th Trail Anniversary on Facebook or follow developments on this blog.

Here's a sample of the Facebook conversation:

  • Over lunches, coffee shop and of course pub chatter lots of enthusiasm for doing something in 2013 to celebrate 50 years of wilderness programs at Stephens. Some thoughts have included actual trips, folk festivals & celebrating the arrival of the 2013 Six Weeker trips. Grant Platts has even gone as far as mapping out potential lake trips.

    Clearly 50 years of wilderness programming has impacted a great many people and for some it changed their lives. As we begin the process of planning for 2013 we may want to look at it from "Five Decades" so no era is left out.

    Volunteers so far are from the first two decade; Punch, Perry McGregor, Jim King, Jamie Grant, Neil Robinson and Grant Platts. Tara Law and current Wilderness Director Kelley Berringer are expressing support.

    Logistics for planning in this technology rich time should be ablle to include a great many people. If you are interested let us know (Punch - Edmonton, Perry - Winnipeg) and we will get the ball rolling.
     ·  ·  · Yesterday at 9:18am

    • Colleen Rogers likes this.

      • Punch Jackson Trip ideas included 5-7 day trips plus someone suggested a less strenuous version for the "older crowd".
        Yesterday at 9:20am ·  ·  1

      • Punch Jackson Kelly with one "e"
        Yesterday at 9:38am · 

      • Tara Debra Common kids! Even Stubby is getting on board (I'll make him even if he is grumpy and almost retired).
        Yesterday at 10:11am · 

      • Jen Wetherow Count us in for folk fest (definately) and a trip (probably). We should consider something less strenuous for the "younger crowd" too since we'll be packing 3 kids under the age of 5.
        Yesterday at 10:21am · 

      • Zoë Herbert Routh I'll be packing an Aussie husband with a need for beer, so long canoe trips without showers and refrigeration may be an obstacle. Though I am definitely keen to make the long haul across the pond!
        Yesterday at 7:12pm · 

      • Perry McGregor During the planning for the 40th. reunion the committee at that time looked at a number of ideas... these covered activities like a pre reunion dinner, teaching trail skills to the newbies young and old, movies, slide shows/ powerpoints, music, and developing for sale items like trail maps, maps with all the trip routes on them, trail cook books, t shirts, commemorative paddles...stations might include examples of how equipment has evolved over the years, taste testing T.V.P. perhaps?( it pseudo chicken or pseudo beef or what?) obviously not all ideas are keepers...
        Yesterday at 7:45pm · 

      • Garth Nemy you remember your very first cabin and councilor ?
        11 hours ago · 

      • Kalyn Murdock I'd be interested in helping out however I can
        4 hours ago · 

      • Jess Irvine I'd be interested in planning some trips/helpin' out.
        2 hours ago · 

      • Kate Margaret Count me in. I'd love to help out with anything.
        about an hour ago via mobile · 

      • Colleen Rogers I'd help out too!
        32 minutes ago · 

1 comment:

  1. I'm in.

    I would also support something for parents with little'uns.