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Monday, November 21, 2011

Lount Lodge - new roof

Work this fall on replacing Lount Lodge roof.

A while ago I did a piece on Lount Lodge needing some work. The photos were sent to me by the Y's new general manager of fund development and communications Dave Vankoughnett, ex-Blue Bomber offensive lineman.
In this pic old cedar shakes are coming off and a green metal roof, like on the dining hall, is to be installed. Many of the shakes were rotten.
Below are two of the new cabins. You can read more about them here and here and here.

One of the new cabins added to the line this fall.


  1. Hm, eventually things rot and deteriorate. It's great that the lodge is getting a new metal roof. Renovation is often great: a building can last for several more decades, thanks to a few well-aimed changes in the building.

    Will Peartin

    1. True. If damaged or worn out roofs were not repaired or replaced after a long time, one will eventually need to replace rotten sheathing, fascia or structural parts. Roofs are prone to abrasions, tears, holes and other surface damage that may lead to small significant leaks and subsequent rotting. It's always best to conduct roof maintenance every once in a while.

      Saundra Wordlaw

  2. How’s the roof now? It’s good that metal roof was chosen since it is very sturdy and reliable. The only thing they have to keep tabs on is corrosion. It will be great to do some recoating after a while to prolong the roof’s service life.

    Lida Swisher

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