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Wednesday, April 7, 2010

The Spirited Challenge

The Spirited Challenge (Click to read)
The Spirited Challenge is probably the most extensive written history of Camp Stephens.

The 24-page booklet captures the history of the island from its first days.

It was put together by then camp director Bob Picken (no, not by memory) for the 100th anniversary of the camp in 1991.

Lount Lodge 1991
Lynda MacIntosh lent me her copy of it about two years ago. It's time to return it. Lynda is sitting on lodge steps in photo from 1991 anniversary.

(There is one typo in it. On page 10 it should read Al and Jean Wilde).

You can read Hal Studholme's invocation that he gave at the 100th anniversary of Camp Stephens chapel service.

Also included is a brochure prepared for the 90th anniversary and the dedication of Lount Lodge, plus the agenda of the day's events.

I've also included a list of the original shareholders of what was to become Camp Stephens. These are the people whose vision created camp.

Click on the highlighted words to download.

Cheers, Bruce

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